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Living with Intention

Minimalism. A concept often heard, but many times understood. Living with nothing. Not being able to enjoy life from the lack of things and technologies. This is far from it.


When it comes to living a more simplistic life, as Kraig Adams has pursued, it is more of a focus on determining what things and intangibles you value most. “It’s been fascinating to see how minimalism has evolved over time for myself, I didn’t think it would stretch into every aspect of my life. Not only with just physical stuff in my apartment, but digital minimalism, the intentionality behind projects, the things that I save and the memories or relationships I value. The concept bleeds into every aspect of my life and it has been a wonderful experience for me” Kraig says.

 Although it takes effort, focusing on simplifying things helps you turn your attention towards experiences, your passions, and bringing value back to the world. The reason for this is a sense of mindfulness that is achieved by having a lack of clutter to allow a clean slate for whatever you are working on. As Kraig puts, “Sometimes the end goal isn’t very clear. Just getting to a point where your mind is empty and you don’t have many distractions makes it a lot easier to start a new path when you have nothing in front of you. I am not sure what I want to do, but it’s easier to start from the bottom than having all of these distractions in my way. Having an uncluttered focus and direct set of tools allows the creation process to be that much easier.”


Many people, Kraig included, like to use the idea of ‘intentionalism’ as a term to understand the search for minimalism more easily. Most of the time the idea of minimalism falls back onto money and things, but transitioning your focus to time and relationships is just as relevant. “An intentionalist is almost a better term for the idea because being intentional with what you give your attention to even more valuable than money and things. Spending your wheels on things such as relationships and other items that don’t even matter in the end is almost worse than spending money on things you don’t need” Kraig says.


“My mind has started to shift towards the clothing side of things, and I never thought that it would. I have been conflicted as a lot of my friends in NY, especially tech startups, would always dress well. They would almost always be ready during the weekdays to go to the bars at night”, he says. Kraig has begun to shift his focus of simplification into his wardrobe as well, by having intention to every piece of clothing he owns. “I see people give value to expensive luxury brands, but I have never been into that. What I like to show is the utilitarianism and the reasons for what I like to wear. I wear my simple clothes in a similar way to someone who wears the luxury brands, but for me it’s allow people to focus less on the product I am wearing and more on myself and the conversation we are having. I feel proud that I wear the things I do and I feel just as proud as someone who wears a high end luxury brand would. This all comes from the understanding of what I want and why I do the things I do.”


Think about pushing towards more of a sense of intentionalism rather than just to be minimalistic. Being able to remove mental clutter and physical distractions allows you to be intentional with what and who you give your time with, and focusing on what matters most to you.


You can check out more about Kraig and see what he is up to at the following link: Kraig Adams Youtube

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